Levar Stoney

Mayor of Richmond

Levar M. Stoney was sworn in as Richmond’s 80th Mayor in 2016. He is the youngest mayor ever elected to serve the city and was re-elected to a second term in 2020. 

As mayor, Stoney has made education his top priority by consistently fighting for additional resources and reform in Richmond Public Schools including an over $30 million increase in funding. This amounts to the greatest investment in public education in over a generation. Stoney has maintained fiscal responsibility and financial stability while bringing in major change to city government. Under Levar’s tenure, Richmond city saw its credit rating increase to AA+, and the city saw a $15 million surplus in 2019, all while the city paved over 500 miles in new road lanes, invested over 6 million in the city’s eviction diversion program and affordable housing trust fund, and expanded healthcare access to city residents.

Mayor Stoney has initiated the Monument Avenue Commission, which, along with citizen input, will determine the best way to tell the full story of Richmond’s Civil War history. During the summer of 2020, Mayor Stoney ordered the immediate removal of 12 Confederate statues throughout Richmond, citing a need for healing in a city still grappling with its legacy as the Capitol of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Since the people of Richmond elected Mayor Stoney, Richmond has been named the #2 Top Place Millennials are Moving by Time Magazine and a Top 25 Best Place to Live by U.S. News and World Report. Southern Living also named Richmond one of the South’s Best Cities. The Richmond Times Dispatch recognized Mayor Stoney as the 2016 Person of the Year. In June 2017, he was named a Politico Rising Star.