Grady Gammage

Gammage and Burnham

Grady is one of the founders of Gammage and Burnham Law Firm and has had a varied and diverse 40 year career in law and public policy in Arizona. His practice has focused on the political aspects of real estate, development and public policy. As a zoning lawyer, he has represented dozens of major commercial projects including high rise offices, major industrial and office parks, retail shopping centers of all sizes, and tens of thousands of acres of residential projects, including some of Arizona’s most iconic master planned communities. In the early 1980s, he was the primary private sector representative in working on the innovative Urban Lands Act, which made state trust land available for commercial and residential development. As a result, he has represented more transactions with the State Land Department than any other lawyer in Arizona. He has also been at the forefront of urban development in Maricopa County, including deals with such public private projects as the Tempe Town Lake and Arizona’s unique approach to redevelopment incentives. He has also represented cities and towns in revising their development and land use ordinances, and has litigated land use and election issues related to development.